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Royal Shakespeare Company’s Recent Production of “King and Country”

The Royal Shakespeare Company recently finished a run of “King and Country” a series of four of Shakespeare’s history plays performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The opportunity to see “Richard II”, “Henry IV” (Parts 1 and 2) and “Henry V” does not come along very often. The RSC’s new (since 2013) Artistic Director […]

Acting students use the Shakespeare Audio Pronunciation App

My First Year students in the Graduate Acting Program at New York University have been very enthusiastic about using the Shakespeare Audio Pronunciation app as they rehearse their First Year Shakespeare projects. Half of the class is working on “Hamlet” and the other half is rehearsing “Macbeth”. These projects are the culmination of their First Year […]

Easy to Use Shakespeare Pronunciation Mobile App

When using the Shakespeare Pronunciation Mobile App, an actor, director, teacher or student or anyone who loves to read Shakespeare has quick access to the pronunciations of the words in Shakespeare’s plays. This includes character names, place names, as well as any unusual words. In the past, there was a lot of time spent researching […]

Why Use Shakespeare Pronunciation App?

While listening to the Shakespeare Pronunciation App one might ask: Why are correct pronunciations in Shakespeare important?  I would say the primary reason is consistency. All of the characters inhabiting the world of the play should be consistent.  For example, everyone says roh-SIL-yuhn for the “Countess” in “All’s Well that Ends Well” so we know that they […]

Shakespeare Mobile App is LIVE

News Update On Shakespeare Mobile App The Shakespeare Mobile App is now available in both the Google Play store and Apple store. To download your copy click below.   This new and unique app is an essential tool for actors, producers, professors, students and everyone who enjoys the plays of William Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Mobile App […]

The Creating of the Shakespeare Dictionary App

The process of recording over 5000 words for the Shakespeare Dictionary App presented numerous challenges. The first attempt at recording was in less than ideal circumstances – my apartment with my iPad and a Snowball microphone. The apartment seemed to be quiet until listening to the words which revealed everything from birds chirping, to a siren, […]